Virtual wrap for real gifts

Wrap a real object in a virtual gift wrap.
Works best with

  • rectangular packages
  • flat vouchers and greeting cards

Share the virtual gift wrap with your friends and family. Add a personal touch and feel close to your loved ones even when you are apart. Have fun!

In version 1.2 we added a new feature: wrapping without a real object. You can now create gift wraps. The recipient will see the beautiful gift wrap on a horizontal surface, i.e. a table. This mode is ideal for vouchers and greeting cards.

Starting with version 1.3 you can use your iPhone and iPad and show the gift wrap to the giftee. You no longer need to send a link.

This is how it works:
  • measure real world object or just create a gift wrap
  • select a wrapping material from the selection of beautiful materials
    • to add a personal touch you can also use your photos as a gift wrap
  • wrap the real world object virtually
  • send to recipient (first the real world object, then the virtual gift wrap)
  • sending the link can be done through e-mail, iMessage or What’s App

After the recipient received the real world object and the link to the gift wrap she/he can see the wrapped gift in an augmented reality scene. Naturally the gift can also be unwrapped.

If you send just a gift wrap the recipient can see the wrap on a horizontal surface, i.e. a table.

wrapped gift on chair